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We Driving Enviromental Innovation

PT Ace Jaya Energy (AJE) is a subsidiary of Ace Jaya Corporation was founded in 2022, mainly engaged in the energy and agricultural commodities sectors. Some of the products that have been successfully exported are: coffee, fertilizer and sorghum.

Since our establishment in 2022, PT Ace Jaya Energy (AJE), a subsidiary of Ace Jaya Corporation, has been at the forefront of innovation in the energy and agricultural commodities sectors. Our portfolio includes successful exports such as coffee, fertilizer, and sorghum.

Recognizing the urgent need to address environmental pollution, particularly concerning air quality, PT Ace Jaya Energy has made a steadfast commitment to developing environmentally friendly solutions. This dedication led us to shift our focus towards pioneering products that combat this pressing global issue.

In 2023, our relentless efforts bore fruit with the successful creation of AceBlue. This groundbreaking solution is meticulously designed to significantly reduce emissions and combat air pollution effectively.

At PT Ace Jaya Energy, we are not just a company; we are stewards of the environment, dedicated to creating a sustainable future for
generations to come.

Our Vision

Become an international company which is sustainably competitive with integrity, support technological advances and environmental preservation

Our Mission

  • Play an active role in environmental improvement programs by providing emission reduction products
  • Establish strategic partnerships with international parties to provide more benefits for local business.
  • Become a business partner with a good and trusted reputation

Our Founder

Ruddy Soerjanto

Founder & Commissioner

Lydia Masehi

Co-Founder & President Commissioner

Championing Natural Resources and Eviromental Protection

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