Ace Blue 50

Ace Blue 50 offers a 50% aqueous solution of urea. By choosing a higher concentration of urea, it will take up less volume, which means smaller storage vessels can be used. It is also ideal diesel boilers, It can be achieved simply by injecting the aqueous solution into the boiler, at which point it becomes a vapor. Ace Blue 50 is often used in power plants. It can achieves up to 95% Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emission reduction.

Product Content

Total Nitrogenwt.% N23  
Biuretwt.%  0.5
Free Amoniappm. NH3  Trace
pH. 10%(v.v)  8.5

The advantage and Disavantages of AceBlue 50

Pros of using AceBlue 50:

  • Contributes significantly to air pollution
  • Reduces harmful emissions
  • Prevent respiratory diseases

Cons of using AceBlue 50:

  • If the tank is emptied, water pollution occurs, and the SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) causes damage to the catalyst in the system
  • Aqueros Urea Solution is corrosive
  • Increase the cost of marine vehicles

Championing Natural Resources and Eviromental Protection

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